We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. We invest in our manufacturing and our operations to minimize our waste, water, and energy footprints. We invest in the people who produce for us, by providing trainings and opportunities for growth. We commit to sustainability by providing radical transparency, as this the is only way to establish trust.

Sustainable Production

We care about quality and long-lasting usage. With our own product releases, we constantly seek innovative materials, better quality and efficiency in production. By using the finest ecologically-friendly and long-lasting materials as well as innovative printing techniques, we minimize our environmental damage while ensuring quality. 

Plus, we significantly minimize our environmental footprint by locally sourcing and locally producing at our homebase, Istanbul.

Shot from our atelier in Istanbul.

Shot from our atelier in Istanbul.

Fair-Trade Production

We commit to make our products in places that treat workers well. When it comes to choosing where we produce, we look at a number of different factors regarding the people behind our products - working conditions, the ratio of women workers, availability of nurseries and the number of people from underrepresented populations in the facility.

We work with 7 finished goods factories and 4 subcontractor facilities (e.g. printers and embroiderers), all based in Turkey. We require all our production partners to become members of either BSCI or Fair Wear Foundation, as well as participating in independent, third-party social assessments to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

Sustainable Operations

The way we spend our days at the office and the number of ways we deliver our products counts to our committment to sustanability. We dedicate to minimize the carbon that arouses from the delivery of our products by using DHL Green. We opt for reusable cases as packaging because well, they’re re-usable and they lighten the load.  To offset our inevitable negative impacts, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to help put back some of the resources we used. 

Within our target to minimize our carbon emissions, every monday is a Meatless Monday and every tuesday is a Vegan Tuesday for our team. We only use energy-efficient electricity and recycle what we have as garbage at the office. Sustainable purchasing is a must for our office needs.

Radical Transparency

By transparently sharing our production processes, we want you to know where, how, by whom and under which circumstances your products are being produced. That is why we record and document every single step in our production chain, create mini documentaries and share it with you via QR codes that are sewed inside every single garment. When scanned with a phone or tablet camera, the code embarks you on a journey behind the product, from cotton picking to packaging.

QR Labels

QR Labels